10 Tricks On How To Become Smarter On A Daily Basis

10 Tricks On How To Become Smarter On A Daily Basis

Did you know that your brain is a muscle and can be trained just like the rest of your body?

While it is true that genetic plays a basic role for each individual, it is possible to exercise your brain and take advantage of its full potential.

Your brain is a muscle, and you need to look at it that way! It needs to be trained just like any other muscle.

Imagine yourself going to the gym and following a training regimen on a regular basis.

Now picture yourself as being someone that stays on the couch all day long watching TV.

Which habit would make you healthier?

If you didn’t get your answer instantly, please use the following tricks twice as often, as you need to get smarter.

That means if you start using these tricks now, you will start getting smarter on a daily basis.

Most people don’t take the time to train their brain. They finish school and stop developing it.

The best part is that these tricks don’t have to be boring and only takes few minutes of your time.

So, how to become smarter on a daily basis?

1. Get Smarter Online.

While it is really nice looking at cute little kitties’ pictures on social media, it is not really productive.

The Internet is full of excellent useful resources such as online trainings, interesting conferences and information pages on multiple subjects.

Replace a few minutes of your enjoyable kitty pictures habit into something nourishing for your brain.

2. Get Curious.

It is time to take advantage of your smartphone’s power into appeasing your curiosity to fill your gaps.

You read an unknown word? Search its definition.

Heard about an unknown city? Find out where it is.

There’s a country that you never visited? Look for the name of its Capital and its flag design through Wikipedia.

Get curious and constantly look through your smartphone for answer as your interrogations will materialize themselves.

3. Start Playing Scrabble.

In addition of being fun, Board games are a great way to train your brain.

Who said brain training had to be boring?

Running on a treadmill is a great way to train your cardio, however, for some people it can get really boring.

On the other hand, they could be passionate about football, which is also a great way of training cardio.

In the second case, they would be having fun and training their cardio at the same time.

4. Spend Time With Intelligent People.

Having smart friends is one of the fastest ways to learn.

It is said that your IQ is an average of the five persons with whom you spend the most time with.

You can learn so much through your smart friends without any effort from your part.

It is crucial to put your ego aside and to be open-minded.

5. Read a lot.

No surprise here, reading is one of the most effective ways to become smarter.

You can broaden your knowledge in a domain that fascinates you or expand your general knowledge and therefore, your personal culture.

I recently purchased a kindle on Amazon, which helped me becoming a real bookworm. I can find tons of cheap eBooks in a matter of minutes. I absolutely love the dictionary feature, as it allows me to get definitions in a single click without even leaving the page.

Multiple usable techniques are available to become a better reader.

Unlike movie watching, reading is a great way to exercise your brain.

As you flow through the words, your brain has to work by representing the statements through mental images.

6. Listen to Audiobooks.

How to become smarter by listening to audiobooks?

We spend so much time driving or in the subway doing unproductive things such as listening to music.

We could use that time to get smarter by listening to audio books.

Try Audible for free here. You get 2 free audiobooks instantly.

You get smarter without even realizing it.

You can do this as you are driving or just sitting in the subway.

Your imagination will take care of the rest!

7. Write down everything you learn.

Writing down the things you learn is a great way to remember.

Look at it as the signing of a contract between you and your brain regarding the theory learned, making the information officially stored in your mind.

It is crucial for memorization and revision.

We get so much information through our lifetime and it is hard to remember everything right away…

8. Explain to others.

“If you can’t explain it in a simple way, you don’t master it enough” – Albert Einstein.

Make sure you have mastered the new information by detailing it to someone.

It is easy to get new information.

Fully understanding it and being able to express it is a different circumstance.

9. Try new experiences.

Are you aware of Steve Job’s story?

Not knowing what to do with his life after he left College, the soon-to-be Apple’s Founder attended Calligraphy classes.

Sounds crazy, but he learned a lot of helpful new things.

All you need to do is to try new things and see how it connects with your personal experiences.

10. Learn new languages.

This is not school, you can learn a new language slowly at your own rhythm.

In addition of being an excellent brain training, a language comes with a culture.

Every language has its own cultural feature that could benefit you.

Also, it is a great way of impressing the Chiquita’s when you’ll get the chance ;).

So, what is your favorite technique to exercise your brain?

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