This is not my usual kind of article, but this Facebook post is so fruitful that I decided to share it.

Please, don’t judge the man.

He puts himself in a vulnerable position to provide you with a valuable lesson.

“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.”-Sam Leveson


Moral of the story?

As I  stated in my book; One Thought May Change Your Life, start living today!

I am not telling you to stop planning for your future, I am advising you to start following your passion.


Forget about what society taught you to be. Become the person that YOU always wanted to be. It is your turn to start feeling alive.

The day you start following your passion, is the day you start living.

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Stop living somebody else’s life.

And please, don’t EVER take somebody’s love for granted, and always appreciate the passion. Don’t forget to show them how you feel, as this is a frequent mistake.

As example, treat your girlfriend like you did in the beginning. NO, she isn’t a genius; she can’t get inside of your mind and read your love.

Support your family, and loved ones, and provide them with valuable time, before it’s too late!

Show people respect, and they’ll respond to it.

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