35 Inspirational Life Quotes to Relieve Stress

These inspirational life quotes will help you to relieve stress during tough moments. Who never went through hard times? Whether you’re in pursuit of happiness, personal fulfillment, or serenity, life’s challenges are holding a major enemy for you: stress. For many,...

9 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt And Live Your Dreams

Personal underestimation is soul-destructive. You’d love to write a book, create something, or build a business, but when time comes, your self-doubt paralyzes you. “I have nothing special to provide” “So many people are already doing it” “I have...

4 Surprising Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Your Passion

Being able to make a living doing something that you’re passionate about isn’t a myth. Here’s the truth. “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no...

How to Deal With Negative People With A Crab Story

How to deal with negative people? Let’s be real once and for all! Are you trying to have an exciting life, but are being dispirited by others because of your choices? This happens to everyone that is leaving the usual lifeless standards behind. In fact,...

5 Little-Known Factors Affecting Your Integrity

You trusted your bank; it’s money-grubbing you. You trusted your girlfriend, she betrayed you. Your government made beautiful promises, but deceived you.  Egocentrism keeps backstabbing you. Do I really need to go further? You have been betrayed too many times, and...

10 Tricks On How To Become Smarter On A Daily Basis

Did you know that your brain is a muscle and can be trained just like the rest of your body? While it is true that genetic plays a basic role for each individual, it is possible to exercise your brain and take advantage of its full potential. Your brain is a muscle,...

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