How to stop being lazy?

It’s factual, you are a lazy creature!

Rooting for the easiest avenue is human.

Think about all the exhausting work you’re delaying, the jogging session you’re skipping, the homework you can’t get your ass to do, and all the goals you have set, but aren’t able to complete. Becoming a regular reader was part of my main goals, but solidifying the habit was a tough charge.

The stuck up feeling really sucks, as your own mind is trapping you. My lazy friends, an eye-opening trick helped me defeat laziness!

The trick helped me knocking out laziness FOREVER. I am finally able to fulfill my desires, so can you!

The best part?

It is as easy as it is astonishing!

How to Trick Your Brain

Let’s say becoming a bookworm is your main goal.

Instead of having a daily exhausting chapter to read as a first objective, make your goal as painless as possible. As stupid as it may sound, my first aim was to read 1 page a day.

Exactly, only 1 per day!

I am as serious as I can be, and that page a day was a lifetime beneficial matter.

Thinking about opening the book was my main trap in initiating the habit of becoming a daily reader, not the habit itself.

By forcing me to read books I found uninteresting, the scholar system made my brain associates reading with the false impression of exhausting and boredom. Thus, thinking about reading only one page was a great way to trick my brain to make me open the book and start reading.

9 times out of 10, I would read at least a chapter.

Every time I started reading, I had the same thought going through my mind; wow, this is so enjoyable, I wonder what was blocking me from opening the book this whole time, until it became a habit. Looking at your brain as a separate entity is the main Idea. The key is to understand it and to find ways to trick it.

The same trick was used to finally implement a jogging routine into my life. How many times did I try doing so without any victory? Times after times, I was failing at implementing the habit into my life.

Setting unrealistic goals was my main obstacle. I tried running 5 to 6 miles every time I went outside or on the treadmill. This was a great way to burn myself. My brain started associating jogging with exhausting right after the first session.

Just thinking about it was as painful as the running session itself.

Going by the lake, and jogging for only 5 minutes a session, 3 times a week was my main solution. The reality is, you don’t have to exhaust yourself.

My brain started associating running with painless and refreshing. As it slowly became a habit, I am now able to run miles without getting tired. As a consequence, I love running and can’t even imagine my life without it now!

Regarding homework, I found another trick! Again, opening the books was my main obstacle. Opening the books in a visible, and ready to work on desk, on the appropriate page, and setting small goals was enough to move my ass!

Making the beginning easy in order to trick your brain is the main idea.

What are your excuses now?

Now that you know how to stop being lazy, have the audacity to get out of your mental trap with this easy trick!

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