Importance is an illusion, a persistent one.

Fear and love are your two basic emotions. All of the other emotions, without exceptions, are produced by these two sentiments.

Fear is the energy that contracts and destroys you, while love is the energy that develops and builds you.

Freeing your mind from your fears is a crucial step to success. Strictly speaking, detaching yourself from your fears and getting closer to the emotion of love is the main process that personal development relies on.

According to the psychologist N. D. Walsch, fear can be described as an emotion caused by the following way of thinking: “I won’t be able to get what I need”.


Importance is an illusion

Remember, fear is based on the theory of importance, or to an exaggerated value we grant to something. When something is important to you, you start feeling the fear of losing it, or not getting it.

Let’s take your job as an example. If your job is important to you, you probably feel the fear of getting fired. Thus, you won’t take the risk of losing it.

In the same way, if you really care about somebody, you will feel the fear of losing that person. Therefore, you will start acting in a certain way. Being jealous and displaying neediness would be great examples.

Obviously, those behaviours are a true poison to a relationship. If people’s opinion really matters to you, you will feel the fear of interactions, and will prevent yourself from being in social gatherings.

As a general rule, the expectation of a certain result implies the importance of that result, which implies the fear of not being able to generate that result.


How to Take Charge of Your Fears

If your ultimate fear is the fear of death as a result of life being too important, paradoxically, since your life is important, you are scared to live.

We came to this world to experiment reality and to appreciate life. There is nothing important in this life since nothing lasts. We don’t bring anything with us the day we die.

I repeat: The importance is an illusion.

Destroy that illusion, and you will destroy your fears. You will become a person filled with love.

Stay reliable at your workplace, and keep taking your responsibilities seriously. However, remember that you need to be yourself and that you have nothing to lose.

You need to view this world through opulence. Don’t limit yourself on people’s standards. If you happen to lose your job because you were being yourself, it’s time to find a more sustainable one for yourself.

Regarding your relationships, learn to appreciate the present moment, every moment in the company of your loved one. But always remember; you are an independent person and you would still be enjoying life without your loved one.

Everything that happens in your life must be in perfect alignment with your values. Nothing can happen to you without your consent.

Expanding your comfort zone is an exceptional tool to destroy the illusion of importance and eliminate your fears.


The Zen Of Attraction

Fear is a signal indicating that you will attract the outcome you fear in the first place.

There is nothing really important in this world; there is nothing that we really need.

Once you realize that concept, you will destroy the importance’s illusion. If nothing is important to your eyes, there is no place for fear.

Our incapacity to clearly determine the purpose of our fears frightens us. Thus, we find ourselves in a situation where we sense a total loss of control and obviously, that lack of clarity generate fear.

The day you will dominate your fears, love will fill your heart, and nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.

You will become free, happy and successful!

“There is only one freedom: the freedom from fear” -Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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