Author: Heitem Ak

4 Ways To Overcome Perfectionism

Fighting perfectionism is instrumental to success because it paralyzes action. Obsessive and permanent hunt for perfection is bad for decision-making and taking action. By being obsessed with the slightest mistake, or because of the harsh judgment you carry on your own projects, you never complete them. Perfectionism is a deadlock for anyone trying to make progress on projects, or achieving their objectives. It is harmful to your personal development, as it makes you stop witnessing your goals. Thus, getting rid of perfectionism is crucial. Free yourself from perfectionism with these 4 tips! 1. Fighting Perfectionism is Accepting Our Own...

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How to Stop Being Lazy In 5 Minutes

How to stop being lazy? It’s factual, you are a lazy creature! Rooting for the easiest avenue is human. Think about all the exhausting work you’re delaying, the jogging session you’re skipping, the homework you can’t get your ass to do, and all the goals you have set, but aren’t able to complete. Becoming a regular reader was part of my main goals, but solidifying the habit was a tough charge. The stuck up feeling really sucks, as your own mind is trapping you. My lazy friends, an eye-opening trick helped me defeat laziness! The trick helped me knocking out laziness FOREVER....

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