Personal underestimation is soul-destructive.

You’d love to write a book, create something, or build a business, but when time comes, your self-doubt paralyzes you.

“I have nothing special to provide”

“So many people are already doing it”

“I have nothing in particular”

“I’m so normal ”

 Do I really need to go further?

This is the perfect way to despise yourself.

Buried deep inside, you know you have something important to share with the world.

It keeps burning in you, begging to go out, but when the moment of glory arises, you freeze, and emptiness takes over your body.

I’m here to tell you the truth.

Personal underestimation and fear of the unknown are paralyzing you.

 “If it’s still in your mind it is worth taking the risk” -Paulo Coelho

When you sense a total loss of control, the lack of clarity generates fear. Thus, freezing you in front of a challenging project, or when trying to make a crucial life decision.


Why Do You Undervalue Yourself?

You can’t see how great you are.

You’re blind.

You can’t see how great your gifts and talents make you.

You know why?

They’re second nature, and you take them for granted.

Some things you consider normal, have the power to amaze people.

Speaking a different language from their own, as simple as it is to you, may be prodigious for others, as it can create a positive difference in their lives.

We are unique, as we didn’t read the same books, we have different passions, a different story, different tastes, and developed different skills. That’s why you should stop underestimating yourself.

You need to recognize your true worth.

Mastering a domain requires talent recognition and constant development.

However, somewhere between your ideas, passion, and enthusiasm, the voice of reason is paralyzing you. That voice that is constantly asking you to stay quiet, to avoid risk of failure.

Exactly, the same voice pretending to be your protection, and securing your little comfort zone by paralyzing you, as a real psychological barrier.

Here are the 9 ways to shatter the barrier and start living under your OWN terms.


1. Crush your Desire For Total Control

Every time you face the unknown, ask yourself this crucial question:

What’s the worst that can happen to me?

Minimizing the fear of the unknown requires its acceptance. Crushing your need to control and letting it go are 2 fundamental steps.


2. Take Advantage of the Unknown

Every time you face the unknown, you get the opportunity to grow.

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges” –Joshi AJ

The unknown leaves the possibility for new opportunities, because when you know better, you do better.


3. Talk To Strangers

A wise parental advice for youths – a Real adulthood failure magnet. These parental rules have left footprints in your subconscious mind.

Avoiding social gatherings is a common major mistake, closing your boundless opportunities.


4. Stop Being Afraid

We fear the unknown, but have confidence in what we know.

Learn, and seek knowledge on shadows and unresolved points, and that fear will rapidly disappear.


5. Stop following the Mass

Do like the majority, and you’ll be average.

Take the fear of being average as motivation, and stop avoiding the unknown.

All highly successful people are“crazy”. It takes a great deal of courage to succeed, or to trace a path off the routed one.

It’s unusual, and you must be able to fight the emotional charge.


6. Builds or Destroys you

Your inner voice can either build you, or destroy you.

Exactly, it either works with you or against you, it can’t be neutral.

Trust me, if you don’t train it, that little voice will always be there to haunt you, especially in tough times. It will feed your mind with destructive remarks and crush your confidence down.

Don’t EVER let your inner voice enslave you. It can be your biggest enemy.


7. Stop Fearing Others Opinion

Let the fear of mockery grow, and it’ll paralyze you.

Fortunately, you can overcome this issue with effective solutions. Advising you to ignore others opinion is tempting, but would be too easy.

People aren’t permanently watching, or judging you. They have other fish to fry.

If you make a mistake, they quickly forget about it.

You’ll look crazy to negative and judgemental people when you get out of boundaries, but once you succeed, they’ll be the ones looking crazy next to you.


8. Underestimating the Power of the Unknown

This is a fatal mistake!

Unknown situations are often the source of new opportunities by providing you with many advantages in the achievement of your projects.

Opportunities often appear messy,so always keep your eyes open.


9. Break your Comfort Zone

By comfort zone, I simply mean where you feel in total control; you don’t feel any notion of risk.

Unusual challenges lead to a psychological barrier influenced by various factors including your openness to new experiences, your taste for novelty and your risk tolerance.

The comfort zone extent is different to everyone. Some people have no trouble speaking to a huge crowd while others fear the mere thought of appearing in front of a small group.

Fortunately for you, everyone has the power to expand his comfort zone.

Born and raised in a unique context, we define our comfort zone differently. Until reaching adulthood, its development is greatly influenced by our parents and relatives.

Breaking your comfort zone will cause a surge of energy and adrenaline followed by a feeling of mild euphoria.

Thus, inviting you to start over and going a little further.

Assembled, these experiences will increase your creativity, providing you with new tools, and a new kind of confidence.

Personal and professional benefits are subsequent.

This can be the trigger for your project.

Always remember; we can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.



You’re worth way more than you think, but it might take time to find your voice.

Thus, be yourself, share, take action, and invest yourself in what’s closest to your heart.

Follow your inspiration, and eventually, you’ll find your voice. Don’t ever underestimate yourself!

Your true spirit may appear unclear, but the more you give and take action, the more you understand your true value. Comparing yourself to others can also be a real dream destroyer.

You don’t need to be Richard Branson to consider yourself an entrepreneur, and you don’t need to be Picasso to consider yourself an artist.

Open up to the wonderful person you are, take action, and eventually, you’ll leave your footprints in this world. Replace fear of the unknown by curiosity.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

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