“Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”  – Benjamin Franklin

Bad sleeping habits could be crushing your life in preposterous ways. Affecting you psychologically, energetically, through your everyday responsibilities and thus, through your whole life.

Perhaps, it could be setting additional destructive habits without your compliance.

Don’t get me wrong; I had the worse sleeping habits. The astonishing positive impact I got from changing my sleeping routine forced me to share my experience!

It will transform your life in numerous ways.

A little bit of biology won’t hurt!


What is a healthy sleeping habit?

Your eyes are able to detect luminosity. The body is conditioned to secrete melatonin (a sleeping hormone) after the sunset.

Ideally, in most countries, 9 Pm to 10 PM are the recommended sleeping hours.

Missing the astronomical benefits from that is totally absurd.

A biological clock is programming your body by setting different sleeping stages. Your grandmother knows the theory, and keeps reminding you that every hour slept before midnight is the equivalent of 2. The theory is false, but it emerged from the biological clock.

Ever had a constant late night sleeping routine and never felt 100% rested even though you were getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night?

This is the perfect example of the biological clock in action!

The healthiest routine would be sleeping around 9-10 PM and waking up around 5-6 AM.

It will dramatically change your life.

Enough with the biology class, time to understand how it will benefit you!

So, what are the benefits of waking up early?


1. Energy levels through the roof

Energy levels will be higher than ever.

Thus, making your daily tasks feeling like a piece of cake.

2. Crucial for your Health

No secrets here.

Your body reconstructs and reset itself during sleeping time.

Allowing it to recondition your hormonal, physical and psychological anatomy properly is crucial.


3. Reducing Stress

A proper sleeping routine reduces your stress levels in multiple ways.

Firstly, through the healthy hormonal reset your body goes through.

Secondly, stress is more likely to manifest during night time.


4. Productivity

By becoming a “Going to” instead of a “Having to” person.

It’s a totally different mindset!

Instead of having to do your homework,you are GOING to do them. Because there is less distractions in the morning and you won’t feel behind your daily responsibilities.

Imagine waking up at 6 am, full of energy, and ready to conquer your day. You’ll start the daily race ahead of everyone!

Look at it as a street marathon; you have a certain distance to run during your day.

Imagine the difference between someone who starts to run at 10 am and someone who starts at 6. Which one feels better about the marathon?

Putting aside all the construction works, friends and business calls, and all the obstacles resulting from rush hours.


5. Motivation

Energy and psychological benefits resulting from a healthy sleeping routine will skyrocket your motivation.

Having the energy and efficiency to accomplish anything, you will start setting yourself bigger goals.

You feel ahead of time.


6. Looking good

It will make you look radiant!

Ugly dark eye circles will be a thing of the past as you’re giving your body the time to recondition itself!

You will look much healthier.


Having Trouble Falling Asleep Early?

Before implementing the routine, falling asleep early can be challenging as your body is used to your unhealthy routine.

Here is a quick way to fix the situation; the first night, wait until you feel sleepy before going to bed.

Then, set your alarm clock to ring at 6 am and put far from your bed.

The first day, you might feel tired, as you probably won’t sleep enough.

This is the point!

At nighttime, as you’re already feeling tired, go to bed around 9-10 PM and set your alarm clock to ring at 6 am.

Warning: if you don’t want to change your life for the best, don’t even bother doing so!

And remember the only difficult moment of this process is the moment you get out of your bed, which is only a matter of 5 seconds.

Now that you know these 6 benefits of waking up early, you have no more excuse!

“The early bird catches the worm”  – William Camden

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