Have you ever started working on a project, but gave up as soon as you faced adversities?

I know how it feels.

You felt ashamed of quitting so quickly, and your self-confidence degraded.

Never giving up on the projects that matter to your heart is crucial to your self-esteem.

Dropping out is heartbreaking.

So, why are you giving up so quickly?


4 Major Reasons Why You Keep Giving Up

 Reason 1: You Are Your Own Enemy

You either lack the desire, will, motivation, commitment, or all of them.

You keep quitting because of your fears, or because of the excuses you keep feeding your mind with.

Thus, procrastination paralyzes you.

Task delaying became your second nature, and the postponing led to your surrender.


Reason 2: Lack of Organization

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

The second reason is related to your own actions and decisions.

Achieving your goals with a poor plan is impossible.

Taking action without preparation is a major cause of abandonment.

Learn to set clear goals, and make a habit of following through.


Reason 3: Your Social Circle

By telling you how crazy you are to start your project, your negative social circle can become a dream crusher.

Use their discouragement to fuel your mind into proving them wrong, or learn to filter negative advises.

They can’t see what you see, and that’s a good sign because;

The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. John Scully


Reason 4: Environmental Circumstances

External circumstances can also crush your ambitions.

Things never go as planned, which might leave you in pure disappointment.

It can be as foolish as a car breakdown, or a subway delay that makes you miss a crucial appointment.


So… What Now?

Now that you know why you keep quitting, every time you want to give up on a project, try to find the essence of your discouragement.

Then, you need to counteract the negative energy with a positive one.

Keep reading, you’ll understand.


5 Simple Steps to Never Give Up On Your Projects


1. The Power of a Positive Mindset and Belief

 No matter the situation, you need a positive mindset.

“Persistence is the ability to maintain actions regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting. When you work on any big goal your motivation will wax and wane like the waves hitting the shore. Sometimes you’ll feel motivated, sometimes you won’t. But it’s not your motivation that creates results – it’s your action. “ – Unknown

You need to separate yourself from your emotions, and keep moving forward no matter the poison that your inner voice keeps feeding you.

To keep a winning mindset, challenge yourself regularly with small changes and follow through.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van

You will cultivate your optimism one day at a time.

Your circumstances aren’t nearly as important as the way you perceive them.

Do you want to become a no matter what person?

A positive mindset is crucial.


2. Have a plan

Setting precise goals is fundamental to your success

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of setting clear first actions towards your goals.

The beginning is always the hardest because you are lonely in the shadows.

Add certainty by setting clear and precise objectives.

Your goals will help you to track and evaluate your progress as you are moving toward your dreams.

This approach is fundamental – it provides meaning to your actions and traces a path for you in the long run.

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3. Change your views on obstacles

The harder it is, the better you will feel about your victory.

Things never go as planned, and this is where the pleasure starts.

Setbacks are opportunities to learn, to create, or to search for a better plan.

We are living in a world that is changing on a daily basis.

Act like a child and cultivate the curiosity to learn about new ideas and ways of doing things.

Thus, you’ll have the necessary tools in your bag when time demands for it.


4. Create external support

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with.

As stated earlier, a negative environment can be a dream crusher.

Surround yourself with people that have similar values, who will support you in difficult times, and give you constructive advice when needed.

Thus, they will provide you positive energy.


5. Create proactive habits

 Positive and proactive behaviors are fundamental to your success.

Morning rituals are the authorship of your days.

Efficient habits will keep you aiming forward through tough situations, and proactivity will separate you from your emotions to take action no matter the circumstances.

Persistence has to become second nature.


Start Today, and Stop Quitting

 Feel inspired, and thoughtful?

Take advantage of the situation, and schedule your first action immediately.

It doesn’t have to be exhausting.

For example, if you want to start your own blog, buy your domain name and server today to burn the bridge behind you.

Then, set a long-term goal.

Once your goal is clearly appointed, set small daily and weekly goals that moves you toward your ambition.

Look at each day as a step forward, and each week as a progress tracker.

Start implementing the strategy.

Break your poisoning inner voice and thoughts.

When a negative thought arises, write it down in a notebook.

Then, take a minute to reflect its positive counterpart, and write it down below it.

As an example; if your project is to run for 10 km non-stop, and your inner voice tells you it’s impossible because you never done it before, write it down.

Then, remember the progress you have made since your first training, and write it down just underneath it.

It will make you realize that your negative beliefs are groundless, and your actions can overcome them.

Don’t overlook this exercise!

It may seem simple, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

You will be amazed by the results.

Remember, persistence is the key!

Your turn to play!

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If you recognized yourself in this article, please share your thoughts on how you will change your situation, and how you will become a no matter what person!

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