Fighting perfectionism is instrumental to success because it paralyzes action.

Obsessive and permanent hunt for perfection is bad for decision-making and taking action.

By being obsessed with the slightest mistake, or because of the harsh judgment you carry on your own projects, you never complete them.

Perfectionism is a deadlock for anyone trying to make progress on projects, or achieving their objectives. It is harmful to your personal development, as it makes you stop witnessing your goals.

Thus, getting rid of perfectionism is crucial.

Free yourself from perfectionism with these 4 tips!

1. Fighting Perfectionism is Accepting Our Own Imperfections

It’s difficult for a perfectionist to accept his flaws. They growl louder than bears when their work is slightly imperfect. Being a perfectionist brings you harshness and prevents you from living in the moment.

Is that behaviour helping you being effective?

Or does it rather interrupt your efforts by keeping you away from your goals?

Think about the answers. You will naturally witness that having lower expectations on yourself is more fruitful.

Accepting your imperfections make you release pressure and control over yourself. Stop constantly focusing on performance.

When you’re in a good rhythm, don’t let negative thoughts overwhelm you about your work, or your abilities.

Strengthening your self-esteem is essential to fight perfectionism.


2. Errors Aren’t Negative

Since childhood, the scholar system focused on your mistakes, your shortcomings, and on your wrongdoings. As a result, you tend to prone perfectionism, thus, the anxiety of not perfectly meeting others expectations.

We tend to be ashamed of our mistakes.

I agree, breaking free from this concept and adopting another perspective is difficult. However, it would dismantle you from the perfectionism’s handcuff.

Consider all your actions as tests. The result doesn’t matter. Taking action is the crucial fact! Focus on the learning process, not only on the end result.

Increasing your knowledge and skills should be your long-term goal on any taken action.


3. Taking Action’s Pleasure

Don’t try to shape everything before taking action.

Have fun!

Take pleasure in the initiated activity.

Digging for perfection is boring, isn’t it?

Being spontaneous in your actions is way more enjoyable than trying to control every little detail. Letting go is a crucial step to counter perfectionism.

Don’t judge your actions and stop seeking other’s approval.


4. Defining Realistic And Measurable Objectives

Unrealistic goals strengthen perfectionism and generate permanent dissatisfaction.

Setting measurable and achievable goals are crucial to defeat perfectionism.

Next times you perform an activity, take a little time and perspective, and establish a plan of action: break it down into short and medium term goals, and answer these two fundamental questions:

Is the goal realistic?

Will the projects progress line be measurable?

Thus, you can congratulate yourself on your progress, as you’ll know your position on the project!

Stay in the concrete zone,

Your turn to play!

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