What is separating you from your dreams?

The answer is simple; your mind.

You are free to choose your beliefs.

Would you like to live your dream?

Well, start consciously choosing your beliefs.

However, if you don’t, or if you start adopting limited beliefs, your life will be miserable.

Some of the things I do, now, seemed unthinkable to me, or even foolish, 1 year ago.

Here are the 10 powerful beliefs you need to adopt to live your dream.


1. Everything will be fine

Is this true?

In fact, you will never know how things will go, as no expert can predict the future.

Thus, we are better off with strengthening beliefs.

Thoughts are things, and we attract what we think about.

No matter how bad your situation gets, you will probably survive. (If you are determined to)

And through every challenge, every crisis, a lesson is learned, which will increase your value.

Through total chaos, opportunities, and flowers bloom.


2. Everyone is a potential friend

 The truth is, we are all connected, and in the literal sense, we are united humanity.

We might be in different circumstances, but deep inside, we are similar.

Thus, why not acting as if others were potential friends from the first day we meet them?

It would make your life easier, and give depth to your relationships.


3. Every day is the most important day of your life

 You have the choice: You can take possession of that day, that moment, creating a new life design by living in the moment, or you can cry about the past and worry about the future.

You can take every day as a blessing, as an opportunity to change your path or you can waste it.

Hey, I also have a lot of wasted days.

It feels good to let go sometimes, but as I’ve matured, I learned that happiness is not only about having fun, but to live through my values.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

When you act as if today is a great opportunity to enjoy life and to share your gifts and talents, a new world begins to open up, which, before, you couldn’t even imagine.

Having experience in the lazy procrastinating lifestyle, and also in taking action and persistence lifestyle, I can notice the difference in what I attract into my life.

Taking action for one day won’t make a difference, but do that for several days and stay consistent, and soon you will be introduced to a new world.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu


4. Your life is a miracle

 Even if your current life’s situation isn’t ideal, you can count your blessing.

Notice the little things you are grateful for.

If you aren’t able to find something, it is your fault.

Even worst, this lack of gratitude is robbing your energy.

Start small, just enjoy the sun on the horizon, the atmosphere and the energy released by everyday activities, and passersby in the streets, or just be grateful to have food and a roof.

Over time, little by little, your situation will begin to change.

By being grateful, you start getting deeper and deeper in the positive spiral.

Positivity attracts positivity, and negativity attracts negativity.


5. Life is a game you play, not a problem you fix

Would you like to play a game where your character goes to work, comes back home, watch TV, and then sleep?

I don’t think so.

When you perceive life as a game, you will see your problems as obstacles to solve, and a game without obstacle is a boring game.

Start looking at everything, even your difficult challenges, like adventures with mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Life is not a problem you need to fix, it’s a game you play.


6. People don’t care about you as much as you think

The truth is, while you are caring about what people think about you, they are wondering what you think about them.

In fact, it’s even funny, right?

Well, I would say it’s even good news, because it let you be yourself.

And when you start being yourself, you free others to do the same .


7. I have something unique, and real

If you feel like you have something special to bring to the world, you must be right.

You must have the urge to share it, for your own development, and for the world.

The more you face your bad habits, and all the destructive thoughts that are anchored deep inside of you, the more you will attract success.

You cannot succeed by being someone else; you have to live through your real values.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Time passes so quickly that if you are not careful, you get to 40-50 year old, and you have not been able to enjoy your life.

Not everyone is going to give the same value to the music that is within you, but you don’t need everyone.

You just want those who really need you, and who have the same beliefs.

Sooner or later, we won’t be on this earth anymore.

Are you willing to die without living through your real purpose?

Would you rather open the valves, or close them?

Every moment is a choice.

We must stop waiting for the right time.

Start writing a better life story.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” – Napoleon Hill


8. Don’t be shy to ask for help

We need each other.

Study those who succeed brilliantly, you will find that they are never afraid to ask for help, and to surround themselves with most competent people.

If you aren’t able to meet your needs, you are probably struggling to ask for what you want.

Growing up, we were taught that we cannot always get what we want, and we misunderstood the notion.

It doesn’t mean that asking for help is unacceptable.

The more questions you ask, the richer and fuller your life will be.

You don’t believe me?  Try, ask.

No, it’s impossible to have everything in life

That’s why we need to focus on the 2% that really matters, and to be disciplined.


9. Serve Yourself first, then the world 

To create the life of your dreams, to start a personal project, you first need to have a solid emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental foundation.

The more you take care of yourself, the more you extend your ability to serve others.

It’s that simple.

Taking care of yourself first is not about being selfish; it’s actually one of the most profound signs that you care about others.


10. Open your heart and you will attract love

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” – Frank Zappa

Even in the greatest challenges and tragedies, love is widely available to those who can see it.

Love can be bereaved, tinted with anger, and sadness.

Either we experience joy, or loss, opening our heart allows love to reach us.

You’re only limited by the walls that you build yourself.

I want to challenge you; what belief do you need to adopt to improve your life?

Try adopting it for 30 days and see if it concord with your values.

If the answer is negative, at least you have learned something about yourself.

Then, it’ll be easier to understand what you truly want.

I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget, sharing is sexy ;)!

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